6 good reasons to adopt a real-time personalization solution on your e-commerce site

Posted by Netwave on May 12, 2022 12:22:18 PM


For many e-commerce sites, it is not easy to position themselves as key player in online sales. Differentiating yourself from the competition, meeting consumer expectations, offering them a tailored experience, gaining profitability... There are many challenges to be met. In this context, adopting a real-time personalization solution can be a high value-added solution: individualizing suggestions to meet the real needs of your visitors will allow you to differentiate yourself and increase your sales. If you are still hesitating to take the step, here are 5 good reasons to adopt a real-time personalization solution on your e-commerce site.


1. Save time in the commercial animation of your e-commerce site

To establish themselves in the online sales scene, e-commerce sites need to generate growth and rely on automation. However, while some e-commerce sites already benefit from a personalization solution, others manually carry out their sales activities. But without automation, the tasks of analysis, selection and integration of products to be promoted are particularly time-consuming. Also, managing the commercial animation of an e-commerce site's pages manually mobilizes consequent human (and financial) resources, whereas this process proves to be only slightly relevant. Indeed, this methodology does not allow to personalize product recommendations: all the e-commerce site visitors see the same recommendations.

Adopting a personalization solution saves time in the commercial animation of the e-commerce site since it automates the selection and the highlighting of products. As its name indicates, the personalization solution also allows differentiating the service offered to visitors by personalizing their experience.


2. Increase the turnover/visit of your e-commerce site

Thanks to the automation of the commercial animation of the site, the number of zones of product display is multiplied. Indeed, while manual processes limit the field of possibilities (the available human resources not being extensible), a personalization solution allows you to increase the points of contact by automating dozens of suggestion zones. As a result, your products are highlighted and are more likely to be purchased.

You will have understood that adopting a personalization solution allows you to benefit from the advantages of the automation of the commercial animation of the e-commerce site. So, if you have not yet opted for such a solution: go for it!


3. Make personalized and relevant recommendations to visitors

If you already have a personalization solution, that's great. But are you sure of its performance? Does it allow you to generate suggestions in real-time? Real-time is essential because it will enable you to propose recommendations in line with the visitor's behavior, state of mind, needs and expectations and adapt to their evolution during the visit. The exposure of the Internet user to the commercial offer of the site influences his behavior. They can go from being technology enthusiasts to bargain hunters if they see that the site offers promotions.

Real-time personalization is more effective and relevant than personalization based on predefined, non-dynamic statistical models. It allows identifying the situation in real-time around the visitor. As a result, suggestions become more relevant: an intelligent, real-time personalization strategy can increase the conversion rate!


4. Increase your customer satisfaction rate

Most e-commerce sites are content to make product-centric recommendations based on purely average criteria per pre-defined segment. The product offered to the visitor is often the one that has been purchased the most by all the consumers or by the thousands of people making up the segment... Not very personal, is it?

A real-time personalization solution avoids this pitfall by considering the visitor's behavior and expectations at any given moment. You can thus provide a genuine service to the visitor by adopting a customer-centric approach. You focus on the needs of each visitor, individually, to offer him the product that was most purchased not by all consumers but by consumers who are like him. The visitor benefits from a tailor-made experience which genuinely responds to their situation. The real-time analysis allows you to gain relevance and increase your customer satisfaction rate!


5. Maximize your return rate with individualized email

With a real-time personalization solution, you will be able to react immediately to a visit in a relevant way. You will then be able to maximize your return rate. This, of course, only works on your identified visitors.

An abandoned cart? Immediately send an "abandonment" email with, in addition to a reminder of the abandoned product, a selection of alternative products purchased by visitors that most closely resemble it.

A purchase? With your order confirmation email, don't hesitate to suggest complementary products to the one(s) purchased the most by visitors who look exactly like him and have purchased the same product.

A visit without a shopping cart? A thank you email for this non-productive visit, accompanied by a selection of products purchased by visitors who most closely resemble and share the interests identified during the visit.

In short, adopting a real-time personalization solution allows you to build and extend a privileged relationship with your visitors by showing them that you understand them and increasing your chances of having them come back quickly.


6. Sell more with real-time inductive AI

There are many marketing personalization solutions on the market. While machine learning systems identify the visitor's characteristics to assign them to a pre-established segment and apply a rule derived from a statistical calculation based on past data, real-time inductive artificial intelligence identifies the visitor's situation at a given moment based on the weak signals collected. This situation is redefined with each data received to provide relevant suggestions to the visitor consistently.

Marketing personalization remains an averaged and simply segmented statistical exercise without a dynamic and individualized approach. On the contrary, considering weak signals allows you to build up a meaningful situation. The result: your sales promotion is optimized, you are more effective in your personalized suggestions, and you sell more!


Netwave is a new generation of Artificial Intelligence technology that makes personalized suggestions to each visitor on your e-commerce site. Netwave's approach is first and foremost to understand your visitors, thanks to the weak signals they leave during their navigation. Each visit's contextual, behavioral, and psychological dimensions are analyzed to offer each visitor the product that will maximize your chances of conversion!

For example, in A/B tests against machine learning systems, Netwave's Inductive AI outperformed by +55% in click-through rate (on a UK food retailer) and up to +392% in sales/visit (on a French discount site).

So, you are convinced and want to adopt a real-time personalization solution on your e-commerce site? Contact us now!

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