E-commerce: why it's essential to automate your sales process

Posted by Jean-Luc Bernard on Nov 25, 2022 3:17:02 PM


The customer experience is, more than ever, at the heart of the concerns of online retailers. Consumers have become accustomed to having their online shopping experience tailored to their profile and needs. When attracting new customers, it is essential to know what they want to put forward. Without this, the conversion rate is unlikely to reach new heights.

The commercial animation of a merchant site must also be perfectly adapted to its target to be effective. However, this process is tedious and requires considerable human resources. The solution? Automation through artificial intelligence.

Automating the sales animation process saves time and offers many other benefits that will make it indispensable for your business.

Automate your sales promotion to save time

Commercial animation, however compelling, is a constant challenge for marketing departments. Let's take the example of a homepage with an area specifically designed to showcase 4 different products. Without automation, it is necessary to manually analyse the available data to identify the most relevant product families to highlight. There are also other elements to take into account. If a product seems to appeal to consumers, but supply chain issues make it impossible to increase the number of purchases suddenly, the operation will be useless.

This process is extremely time-consuming, as it must often be applied to hundreds of pages (home page, category, sub-category, product sheet, etc.). Thanks to artificial intelligence, this data can be processed automatically. There is no need to allocate excessive human resources to your sales animation process.

Automate your sales process to save resources

Extracting, analysing, and using all the information needed for sales promotion is time-consuming and tedious. In addition to the marketing departments, an e-commerce site requires many other skills to be effective and to exist in a fiercely competitive environment: communication, commerce, logistics, web development, data analysis, accounting, etc. So much so that human resources are generally one of the main areas of expenditure for an e-commerce company.

Marketing automation through AI frees up part of the teams involved: they gain in productivity and are free to devote themselves to higher value-added tasks. The return on investment of an automation solution is, therefore, exciting. This is one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of automation in e-commerce.

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Automate your sales promotion to gain relevance

On the internet, consumers are constantly exposed to advertising. As a result, they are increasingly immune to the messages they receive. Worse, these messages can cause frustration and create a negative image in the minds of Internet users. This is why e-tailers need to find new ways to address their customers.

Manual management does not let you personalise product suggestions. All visitors see the same suggestions, statistically calculated, regardless of their preferences. The best way to remedy this is automated personalisation. Offers and promotions are tailored to the needs and desires of the individual to be more relevant and less invasive. Artificial intelligence thus enables personalisation that is both sharp and instantaneous. This is why many e-commerce shops are now turning to automated personalisation of their sales animation. This so-called customer-centric approach analyses the prospect's behaviour to understand, in real-time, what they are looking for and to which message they will be sensitive, which is impossible to do manually.

Rather than generating vague and imprecise sales animations, automation allows you to create a tailor-made experience and bring satisfaction to the customer. An automation solution will enable you to take advantage of data to respond to individual needs truly, boost the animation of an e-commerce site and adapt in real-time to the trend. In this way, it offers an edge over the competition.

Automate your sales process to sell more

As a result, the Internet user is satisfied and more likely to make a purchase. The conversion rate is much better than a manual and globalised sales promotion. To put it simply, automating the animation process of an e-commerce site allows you to sell more.

Indeed, thanks to this, you allow your potential customers to find the ideal product for them as quickly as possible. Better still, automation will enable you to offer complementary products of a higher range than the one initially envisaged. In addition to allowing, you to sell more often, automated animation will help you to sell more, with larger average baskets. This powerful solution anticipates the customer's needs without having to formulate them and finds other products that might interest them, which they did not think of. All this without any human intervention. The impact on turnover The result is consistent and immediate. It also allows you to sell better by maximising visitor satisfaction through the advice provided and thus increases the revisit rate.

Netwave: the ideal solution to automate your sales process

Netwave is your partner of choice for automating your sales animation processes. Our cutting-edge technology, based on artificial intelligence, analyses more than 200 factors related to user behaviour in real-time. It identifies weak signals in real-time and allows you to understand your prospects' needs precisely and in real time-instead of attaching them to a pre-determined segment.

With Netwave, your teams can focus on other tasks, making your company more productive. Our solution exploits the product highlights for each visitor individually to offer them tailor-made suggestions. This ensures that the right products are displayed in the right places to the right people. Your interactive virtual shop window will not only improve customer satisfaction but, above all, significantly increase your conversion rate. The value of your average basket will dramatically increase rapidly through cross-selling and up-selling campaigns that are perfectly calibrated to your prospects. Result: an increase in turnover per visit of up to +62%.

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