Phew! Our customers are (very) satisfied!(Satisfaction survey June 2022)

Posted by Jean-Luc Bernard on Jul 7, 2022 4:41:48 PM

When going on vacation, just to reassure ourselves about our usefulness and leave with peace of mind, we measured the satisfaction of our customers.


Praise the gods: they are very satisfied with our services. The detail below:


  • 100% have a positive , good, really positive overall impression,
  • 100% would definitely, strongly, very strongly recommend Netwave Suite,
  • Overall score obtained by Netwave Suite: 7.52 / 10
  • Value for money score: 7.52 / 10


What they like most about Netwave Suite?


  • Its performance,
  • The multitude of product recommendation strategies possibilities,
  • The sharpness of visitor analysis,
  • The possibility of testing "in real life" ("For your eyes only" function: see the rendering of the recommendation blocks in a production environment),
  • The ease of use of the solution for business teams.


Why would they recommend us?


  • The strong relevance of personalized recommendations,
  • The power of the tool and its effectiveness,
  • Its contribution to the site's turnover,
  • Its ease of deployment,
  • A professional team.


Well, there are also things to improve:


- Monthly monitoring in addition to weekly and semi-annual reports

- A simplification of the configuration of specific engines (Netwave allows you to create your own recommendation engines on the basis of a master).


We promise, we'll get to it from the start of the school year and give them satisfaction as soon as possible !

Thank you to them for their trust, their loyalty and their valuable opinion

It already promises to be rich in news: new partnerships, new customers deployed, new offers, particularly in the field of data visualization, new planned features, etc.


In the meantime, you can have a good holiday: our AI continues to work for you! 24/7.

JL Bernard / CEO

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