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Posted by Netwave on Oct 6, 2022 5:01:37 PM

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Are you thinking of automating and customising your e-commerce site's sales activities? This is an excellent idea! This powerful lever allows you to optimise your company's resources and offer a differentiated, customised service to consumers. To support e-commerce sites in this direction, Netwave has developed an Artificial Intelligence technology specifically designed for real-time interaction, the inductive AI, which makes personalised suggestions to site visitors on an industrial scale. Explanations.

Sales promotion automation and personalisation: essential to stand out

Today's e-commerce sites have no choice but to offer a quality experience to their visitors. Online, the competition is only a click away. It is, therefore, just as essential to attracting visitors to your site as it is to convert them... and keep them! It is in this perspective that personalisation has gained ground in recent years. It allows e-commerce sites to enrich the customer relationship by providing a tailor-made service to each visitor to meet their needs and prevent them from finding the right product from the competition.

To deploy this personalisation, some sites carry out their sales promotion manually. Without automation, the tasks of analysis, selection, and integration of products to be promoted are particularly time-consuming. This process also mobilises significant resources, both human and financial. However, this manual animation is not very relevant: all visitors to the e-commerce site see the same suggestions.

Automating the personalisation process saves time on the site's sales activities and increases its relevance. The suggestions made to visitors are based on their navigation; their experience is therefore truly personalised... most of the time!

Some automation and personalisation solutions rely on statistical machine learning technologies. These generate averaged rather than individualised suggestions. These statistical personalisation models are then established upstream and applied to predefined segments. If all the visitors to the site do not see the same suggestions (contrary to manual animation), each visitor does not see a suggestion that is truly personalised to their needs. And not to a segment that only exists statistically. Aware of this pitfall, Netwave has developed an Inductive Artificial Intelligence technology (patented in 43 countries) that builds up, in real-time, the "segment" around the visitor by identifying his situation during his navigation and updating it with each data received.


Automate and customise your site's sales activities with Netwave's real-time interaction AI

Netwave thus enables e-commerce sites to offer genuinely individualised marketing to each visitor. The site's sales activities are personalised thanks to two agile technologies:

  • Interpret weak signals based on 232 trackers to identify the visitor's expectations, brakes, motivations, and psychology.
  • Inductive algorithms to generalise what worked best with visitors with the same profile as visitor X, at time T.

In short, the Netwave solution allows you to push the product or content that works best, at the moment, to the visitors who are most like them without having to re-process your entire learning base.

Netwave also offers 3 functional modules that respond to the problems of e-commerce sites' sales animation:

  • The Product module, to customise product recommendations.
  • The Content module to personalise content (services, promotional banners, expert content, etc.).
  • The Advertising module manages the site's advertising activity and the monetisation of its audience.

The big "plus" of the solution?

  • Its operation is in real-time. The behaviour of an Internet user can change during his visit, depending on his exposure to different content. For example, they may go from hunting for new products to hunting for promotions - if they see that you are offering deals on certain products. Netwave's real-time approach allows you to (re)discover the visitor's real need with each click in an average of 35 milliseconds. This ensures that you offer a tailor-made service that maximises your chances of conversion.
  • Its unique ability to generalise - like the human brain - based on a single experience and thus :
  1. a) to account for minority phenomena (inaccessible to statistical technologies with a convincing standard deviation) and, therefore, to operate on your long tail.
  2. b) to adapt in real-time to changes in consumption without having to wait many weeks or months for the emerging behaviour to become statistically dominant.

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Netwave: an industrial-scale platform for high-performance results

Capable of handling up to 500,000 simultaneous connections and generating 12,500 recommendations per second, Netwave is an industrial-scale platform. So, there is no risk of your site becoming inaccessible or the personalisation solution failing you at the most crucial moment.

You also benefit from an optimal ROI and over-performing results:

  • On the website of a British food chain, Netwave's banners recorded a 55% increase in click-through rates against the UK's leading machine learning system.
  • Netwave's personalised banners outperformed a world-leading competitor using simple machine learning algorithms on one of France's largest sites by +390% in revenue/visit.
  • By personalising the shopping cart page, Netwave customers have increased by up to 51% in purchase rates.


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Netwave's advantages

  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Saving time in the sales activities of the e-commerce site without recruiting new resources.
  • The possibility of communicating to the AI its customisation strategy adapted to the site's sales strategy.
  • An unrivalled level of power/performance.


So, what are you waiting for? Free marketers from managing your sales volume, complexity, and execution. Request your personalised demo today!



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